Sunday, April 20, 2008

Penn State Blue & White Game~2008

On Saturday, we took Ryan up to State College for the 2008 Blue & White Game. It was a beautiful 80-degree day and a record 73,000 fans showed up to watch the game. For all those non-Penn Staters, this is the last game that the PSU football seniors play against each other. It's a FREE game for the fans and we are able to sit anywhere in the stadium. After the game, fans are allowed to go down to the field and get autographs from the players. We decided that Ryan was still a little too young to experience a crowd of crazy fans so we didn't go on the field this year. He really enjoyed the game and cheered for the BLUE team the entire time. They actually won 27-14 over the White team! Uncle Mike might want to see if Ryan can help him choose the winning picks for his football pools this year!

After the game, we headed into town to do some shopping and walk the campus. We did A LOT of walking (I am sure my doctors would not have approved that much walking! shhh...) and I didn't have too many braxton hicks. As we approached the Nittany Lion Shrine (it was a good up hill walk to get there!), my contractions did increase and my entire body was just pooped. We took a few photos with the Nittany Lion and then Chris ran back to get the car to pick us up. This was our last trip up to State College as a family of 3 and it was neat to see Ryan's reaction on everything.

Highlights of the trip:

  • seeing Ryan react to a live football game and learning the WAVE...too cute!

  • learning that Ryan not only has a fear of inflatable characters but also the JoePa statue

  • SHOPPING- we got baby Kara a few items and of course we all got new shirts!

  • walking the campus and seeing Spring bloom everywhere

  • taking family photos at the Nittany Lion Shrine!

I put together my first montage with One True Media. I think I enjoy using the PhotoShow program with comcast better but I am not sure if I can put photoshows on the blog? This is an ongoing learning experience! Enjoy the show and please excuse my big tummy pics...(yes we are SURE there is only one in there!!!)


john, christy & anthony d said...

great update bobbi! i was excited to hear about your trip and it looks as though you had nice weather! ryan looked quite at home on the psu campus! and your belly is adorable by the way!

gretchens31giftspage said...

Go PENN STATE! I have yet to take Tori up to a game! What a fantastic time it looked like you had! I am so glad that you had fun and that the Braxton Hicks -- were really only Braxton Hicks :-)

Great slide show...

M.Gunn said...

Great job w/the video! Our bellies do look about the same, haha! I have been having awful braxton hicks as well!? ugh....