Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Congratulations~ Peter & Desire'

Mr. and Mrs. Dougherty

Pete and Desire' were married on Saturday, April 26th. The weather couldn't have been nicer, it actually felt like a summer day instead of the end of April. Right now they are enjoying an awesome honeymoon touring Italy and then taking a cruise around the Greek Isles! Yes, we are super jealous!!! Pete was one of Chris' college roommates at State College. We hadn't seen him since our wedding almost 4 years ago! The wedding and reception were beautiful and we can't thank Pete and Desire' enough for inviting us! We decided to stay the night because the drive was almost 4 hours (the wedding was in Lexington, MD) and it was so nice to finally have a night for just us. Kinda like a "babymoon" before we have 2 kiddies to take care of! It was our first night away from Ryan and even though we had a great time, we missed him. We couldn't get home fast enough to see him!

introducing the new Mr. & Mrs.!

mmmm...yummy cake!

centerpiece with the cute "photo coaster" favors

Chris with his PSU alumni buddies!

Chris and Bobbi (8 month's preggo and BIG!)

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