Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Chris has wanted to get a Trail-a-Bike for a LONG time. We finally found a shop that had one in stock and we picked up the bike on March 28th.

Chris said Ryan didn't really pedal at first, so it felt like he was pulling a 50 lb. cart!

Ryan LOVES riding with Daddy!

Ryan giving his new trail-a-bike TWO THUMBS UP!
He calls it his "Red Bike".

The weather has definitely warmed up since then and the boys had their first trip on the Grings Mill trail! Sorry this picture was taken with Chris' cell phone...not the best quality. Ryan got a new bike helmet and he told me that several girls (they passed on the trail) said they liked his helmet and sunglasses! He is tooo cute.

I am so happy to see Chris biking again (he took a huge break from it once we started our family) and I love that he can share his passion for this sport with his son. Ryan has shown a huge interest in riding and I can see the boys enjoying the trails for many years to come.


The Moskal Family said...

How fun!! I love biking too! I got me a brand spanking new bike, and then I found out I was pregnant with Owen, and then the summer after we had him, it was near impossible to get out on it. Then last summer low and behold, I was pregnant again! So this summer I WILL get out on it!! It's a barely-ridden-3-year-old-brand-new Jamis mountain bike, and it's so pretty and blue.
How stable are the trail-a-bike? I saw them and I haven't heard much on them, it's so cool that Ryan is riding along daddy, so fun! We may get Owen a trike this year for his birthday, haven't decided yet.

Lauren Farley said...

I'm also glad you started blogging again! I love that trail-a-bike. Ryan looks like such a little grown up on it.

We have Addison in a kangaroo seat on the bike and she HATES it. I can't wait until she is old enough for one of these.

Jenni said...

That is really cool! I hardly ever see those. I was thinking, wow, that would be so cool to get for Preston but then realized he would totally fall off because he's not old enough yet. LOL Der! But still...what a great idea! Maybe someday we'll get one of those!

Loved the cute pics of daddy and son. Awe ;)

Our Family said...

Hey Bobbi,
Yes it's so sad but I killed facebook...apparently my own family likes cyber bullying me...okay so send me your email and I'll email you I don't think it comes across when you send it through FB?

Take care you little momma talk to you later

Sharon said...

wow, that looks like a lot of fun!