Monday, April 19, 2010

Imaginative Play

Any guesses what this could be?

I thought Ryan was being creative with matching up the colors and letters. But when I asked him what it was, he gave me a very imaginative answer....

Here's a clue: Think stop light.

He said, "They are my buttons, Mom...

Red means STOP

Yellow means SLOW DOWN

Green means GO."

So what does the Blue mean?

"BUBBLES, of course!"


The Moskal Family said...

well, duh...of course mommy!

Too cute! What an imagination that boy!

Jenni said...

Oh my gosh. ARE YOU ACTUALLY BLOGGING???????? I about fell over when I saw you pop up on my blog reader. The stars must be aligned, or the sky is falling or something. LOL

Cute blocks....hahahahaha. Kids have such a funny imagination.

The High Family said...

Jenni- out! I am baaaaaaack!

Sharon said...

so cool!!!!
i can't wait for brody to say such cool things!

i love that you're blogging again!!!!