Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy 11 months!


(I think it's hilarious that I keep catching her in this pose!)

Kara turned 11 months on May yes, I am a little late getting this post out. Please forgive my tardiness!

A lot has happened in the last month. Our little peanut is not so little anymore!! Kara has been growing like a weed lately and we are excited to see just how much she's grown at her 12 month wellness visit next month.

She has perfected her "pulling up" skills, which forced us to lower the crib finally.

Here's some video of that night....

Just in the last two weeks, Kara has started to really show signs of wanting to walk. She takes about 2-3 steps and then gets down to crawl. With this new found way of getting around, comes the dreaded boo-boo's from falling. Her poor forehead has taken a beating! She also sustained her first boo-boo caused by a plastic egg and her naughty brother.

(the cut near her left eye is from Ryan)

It took about a week but all the marks did finally heal up.

We are starting to plan her 1st birthday party, which will be held in exactly 3 weeks on June 14th!
C0uld someone please tell me where the past year went? I still can't believe we are almost in toddlerhood with our second child...

Pretty girl. Clever girl. Daddy's girl.

So true.

Kara is into everything and anything now that she is mobile! She hates to be "locked up" and wants to explore every inch of the house. She just showed us last week that she is able to crawl up steps! I caught her climbing our kitchen step and that same evening Chris put her on our staircase that leads to the second floor and she climbed the entire staircase with no problems. I hope to post a video showing off her new skill soon..

Here she shows us that reading with our feet is fun.

And why ride the car when you can surf it? She has no fear!

But the biggest question on our minds lately is...

To cut or not to cut?

What do you think? We will have an answer on Friday...stay tuned.

Happy 11 months, sweetie!


Kate said...

ahhh, Happy 11 Months Kara!

She sure is a little dare devil huh? :)

debilyn said...

Kara Tales always give me the biggest smiles...she's such a little beauty!

Helene said...

Goodness, she's a smart little not ever underestimate her! I remember mine using toys to stand on to sneak out of gated areas!! But she's so darn cute while doing it...see, that's how they get you. You're too distracted by the cuteness to see the "devil factor" there.

Can you believe for a few days we believed that Garrett was climbing out of his crib by himself and just this morning we caught COLE climbing into G's crib and helping him out and then telling us that G was doing it on his own!!!! Only my kids, right?

I totally love in the video how you call Ryan by his first and middle name. My kids also know I mean serious business when they hear their first and middle names together!!

Happy 11 months, Kara!!!

Jenni said...

Those eyes!!! So pretty! She has got quite a little personality already!!

Happy 11 months Kara! Good job on growing so good :) heehee

okay my opinion...just trim the long hair off. It's kind of like a girl version of a mullett. LOL Oh my gosh you are going to hate me for saying that !hahahaha I love you Bobbi please don't hate me!!!!!

Our Family said...

Oh my goodness she's so beautiful. Happy 11 months you little monkey.

The Moskal Family said...

She IS growing fast! My goodness, and so fearless too! So far Owen has yet to climb on things(KEEPING FINGERS CROSSED). What are you doing for a theme for her party? I can't wait to see/read all about it!

Jayne said...

I can't believe how long her hair is! Inara barely has any. and that video is priceless... she looks like she's already working on climbing over. better watch that one...