Friday, March 27, 2009

One Step at a Time!

All of a sudden, our baby girl is turning the corner to toddlerhood. She started to CRUISE around her activity table last week.
I finally caught this exciting milestone on video today!

Later today we caught her moving herself from the activity table to her exersaucer (they were sitting right next to each other) without our help.
This child has no fear!

Kara loves to be in the standing position most of the day. We have a feeling that she just might skip crawling and actually start to walk. Ryan was an early walker at 10 months only time will tell if Kara follows in his footsteps!

I need to apologize in advance because the video isn't the best quality and Ryan screaming in the background is just a tab bit annoying.
I noticed that Ryan is wearing his red striped shirt again?! I swear this child owns tons of shirts but for some weird coincidence he always has one of his striped shirts on the days I decide to make a video? Oh well... Enjoy!

PS- You will need to watch the entire thing to see her actually taking steps.


The Schaeffer Family said...

Yeah! I know this is happy and sad at the same time. Now you'll have two to chase. Have fun, and giver her a hug from me!

debilyn said...

So sweet! and exciting (yet scary) all at the same time.

My first 2 kids were EARLY walkers...8 months...TOTALLY freaked me out!

Whitney said...

How fun! Yay for Kara! So, I guess this means you'll be having your hands full. . .

Our Family said...

Yay Kara...that's so early Bobbi that's crazy. She's so cute. Way to go!!

Helene said...

Wow, go Kara!!!! It's definitely a bittersweet moment, as you know from already going throug it with your son. It's funny too at the same time...I never thought I'd miss the immobile stage as much as I do now!