Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happy BLOGiversary!

One year ago today...I started this blog.
Click HeRe to read my very first post.

One year ago today...we found out that baby High was indeed a baby GIRL.
That baby will soon turn 9 months old.

One year ago today...I made the decision to create a journal about our life. I blog for our family and friends. I blog for our children. I didn't know back then just how therapeutic it would be for me or how much fun it would be to share our good times and bad. I can't wait to share these memories with our children 20 years from now. Will Ryan be upset that I wrote about his potty training troubles and will Kara be surprised to find out how demanding she really was as an infant? I hope they will know just how much their mommy and daddy love them...how they changed our lives for the better. I blog to remember the memories...big or small.

Thank you for following us on this fun, adventurous and sometimes crazy journey!



HeatherSmithツ said...

happy blog anniversary! i am sooooooooo behind on your blog! so sorry! way way busy with school and piano! ah.

TMI Tara said...

Happy Bloggiversary! I'm certainly glad to have met you here in the blogosphere. =)

The Moskal Family said...

happy blogday!

Helene said...

Happy Blogiversary!!! I think your kids will love reading this when they're older, all the good, the bad and the ugly. I hope my kids get a kick out of reading mine in the future.

I started keeping a journal right when we started trying to conceive 6 years ago and everytime I look back and read an entry, I feel like I'm right back there at that moment again. It's amazing how your mind can forget little details but then when you go back and read about it, you're right there in that very moment all over again. Someday, when your kids are all grown up and have their own families, it'll be nice to look back on this blog and remember when they were little, esp all the little details like the potty training fiascos or the demanding screams of a needy baby.

Okay, where was I going with this? I didn't mean to go all mushy and sentimental on ya!!!

Oh yeah, here's where I was going...Happy Blogiversary! It's been such a pleasure reading about you and your family!!!

Our Family said...

Too cute Bobbi...your so funny...love the ultra sound pic. I have an ultra sound picture of Emma kicking the tech back.

HeatherSmithツ said...

Hey Bobbi!

Thanks! I am happy! I'll email you some pic of Farashah once I have time! Ugh, school...so ugh. I love school so it's okay, I just never have time for other stuff! I also have to get the pics from my camera to a disk to put on my laptop. I forgot my digital camera...so I used my regular one. (It takes really good pics...just not digital) I am sorry I haven't been keeping up with your blog. I will though. Someday in the near future I'll get caught up =)

Thanks again! And btw, I love your layout! So cute!

Say hi to Ryan and Kara for me :)

-Heather & Farashah oh and Sylvester! (Can't forget him) hehe.

Jenni said...

Happy anniversary! I'm SOOOO glad that you joined the blogosphere cuz I don't know what I would do withoutcha!

The Farley's said...

I just had the pleasure of going back and reading a lot of your early posts. I didn't get to all of them, but I had such a blast. Your family is so darn cute!

Whitney said...

Happy Anniversary! How exciting! Look how fast the time has gone! Your kids will love this when they get older.

Kate said...

I have loved reading your blog Bobbi! You do a GREAT job with it!

I am sure your kids will love to read this stuff later in their lives and it'll serve as a baby book for them too!

Keep it up Bobbi!