Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Story Time at the Library

I've been meaning to post about this for a while now. Tonight seemed like a good time! I really do have a "blog list" just in case you were wondering and thought I was kidding before when I mention I need to put so and so on my "list"...it's slowly getting crossed off. :)

Ok...on to the good stuff....

Through a local mom's group called Connect The Tots (we joined back in Sept.), I found out about story time at a local library. Due to Chris having to work overtime, I've made Tuesday evenings: KIDS NIGHT OUT! This way Chris can work late and not feel guilty about coming home after 8pm...and I can get the kids out of the house for a fun activity. It is also great to have Ryan interact with other children his age. I love that the storyteller uses sign language when she is telling the stories and singing the songs. Having used "sign" as his form of communication for over 2 years, Ryan is in all his glory when they teach a new "sign". It's fun to watch him learn.

We started attending the "Sleepytime" stories in early October. The children are encouraged to come in their pajamas and the librarian helpers serve them milk & cookies after the stories are done. Ok, so NO. I do not take Ryan in his pj's. Why? Ummm...to me that's just yucky! Call me a germ-a-phob all you want but a library is a public place. Who knows what was trekked onto the floor or on those tables/chairs ...then to put your child to bed after they sat/rolled around on the library floor? Yea, no he will not be wearing his cute little pj's there. So far he hasn't noticed that he is in normal street clothes while most of the children are in their sleepwear. Let's just hope he doesn't catch on...

The following pictures are from our first visit where we learned all about Firemen and Firetrucks! Ryan was a little shy in the beginning but started to warm up during the stories...AND then they served the cookies and he didn't want to leave! haha...

Miss Tracee teaching us about Firetrucks! Where is Ryan?

Oh that's right...he stayed in the back with mommy and Kara!

Kara thinks story time is FUN! But where are all the other babies?

Time to DANCE! Hmmm...Ryan's face says it all.

He is not in the mood to shake his "boot-ay!"

Cookies and Milk TIME! He was one of the first (still is!) to find a seat! (Isn't that Alligator bank neat?--I let Ryan put a quarter in his mouth and we watch it roll down to his tummy each visit. He loves it!)

During snack time, they pass out a paper with the week's theme for the kiddies to color on. Ryan thought the Fireman should be blue. I need to scan his other pictures to show everyone how good he is getting with coloring in the lines lately!

When it was time to leave, we saw this....

A DOWN POUR! We tried to wait it out BUT it was a crazy storm so we made a run for it. Not exactly an easy task when you have a baby in her car seat along with a little boy who doesn't want to get wet!
It was quite the experience!

Poor Ryan had to walk through a "river" in the parking lot because I couldn't hold him, hold the umbrella and hold Kara at the same time...so he got uh...a little wet! Look how far the water went up his legs! It was a crazy ...thank goodness we haven't had a rain storm like that since.

Going to the library has been a fun and of course educational experience for Ryan. I also enjoy listening to the stories very much, as does Kara and I can't wait for Kara to get bigger so she can sit on the rug with her big brother...well she WON'T be in her cute little pj's either! ;)


Heather C Smith said...

That sounds fun! Ryan is a character! Love him! AND Kara! It'll be fun to watch Kara get older, in my opinion! I got to watch a 6 month old baby girl yesterday and OMG! She was so cute! I've never watched a baby before. I now know why babies are so fun! (not that I didn't before but...) Pouring down! Not fun! Poor Ryan! Did he survive? LOL!

Jenni said...

Awwwe poor little Ryan's jeans were wet all the way up to his knees! LOL Was it raining or snowing?

Yay for story time! We did that a couple of weeks ago and it was fun. Preston liked to watch everyone.

I think I had more to write but I just realized I started zoning out. It is 1:00am. I guess I should stop reading blogs and go to bed....but I swear I haven't read blogs all week and I've just been dying to get caught up!

Ok g'night. :)