Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

From Our Family....To Yours!

(if you live out of state, your card will arrive soon...)


Anonymous said...

OMG Bobbi! That is such a cute card and cute pictures too! Your kids really are cute! Seriously they are. They are so lucky to have you and Chris and each other. I really think that they are going to grow up into such nice and intelligent people. They can go very far in life. Kara is such a beautiful little girl and Ryan is just so cute! You guys are so lucky to have such gifted kids! Merry Christmas Chris, Bobbi, Ryan and Kara =)

<3 Heather & Sylvester

tara @ kidz said...

Oh my goodness those pictures are so stinkin cute! I hope your day was great!

Whitney said...

LOVE the card! It's so cute! Did you do it digitally?! I hope that you had a wonderful holiday!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the email. No, Sylvester is still gone.

I could say I'm okay, but I'm not really okay. It's really hard because it's right around the holidays. BUT, my hope is not gone, he'll show up. =) He's not a stupid cat, he's very intelligent, so I know he'll come back. I just have to be patient ;)

Happy new year