Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas Tree Tradition

Each year we head over to Sheerlund Forest for our cut down the Christmas Tree Tradition! We started this tradition way back in 2001 after moving into our first apartment together. It's been fun to add the kids to the mix though they aren't much help now but one day they will participate with choosing and even cutting down our family tree. For now, we have our handy dandy uncle Mike tag along to help out. Yes, he may grumble for having to get out of bed early but secretly I know he loves going with us! Don't ya Mikey!?

This year was extra special not only because Kara was there but Grandma and Pop-Pop High joined us as well! Ryan had a great time running around the tree farm and Kara, well she had fun staying warm while being pushed in the stroller. It should be exciting next year when both kiddies are running around. I think we might need to invite the grandparents to come every year just for the extra hands and eyes!

This is how it all went down:

It starts with a trip down a dirt road. Ryan and Daddy were determined to find the perfect tree!
*no that's not a forest fire...just a big power plant in the distance!*

We trekked up several hills....

There were many different tree sizes to choose from.
Ryan said "No!" to this poor Charlie Brown tree....

Finally after about 40 minutes, we agreed on this one. Chris had found it earlier in our search but I wasn't convinced it was the 'one', so I made them search longer. I didn't love this tree but uncle Mike told me that I didn't have to love it...I just had to like it. Because it was very COLD and I didn't want the children out in the weather too long, I decided this tree was worthy enough to sit in the High Family house for the next month or so...
Chris making the cut....I always feel bad as he makes that first cut. I know there are 100+ that probably replace it but I can't help but feel a little sad for the tree.

My sadness quickly turns to excitement as the boys carry the tree down to the dirt path where the grandparents and children are waiting!
Of course, our tree adventure wouldn't be complete without a Family Photo. Ryan HAD to help hold the tree up too...and Kara is just peering over her many layers!

Ryan telling Kara that we will put a STAR on top of this Christmas Tree. I am still shocked that he remembers this from last year. Oh and I believe he also said, "You so cuuute Kara!"...that's his new phrase. Precious isn't it?!

We saw this vehicle while walking into the farm. Did Santa (aka St. Nick) upgrade his transportation from the reindeer to this? I especially like the reindeer antlers on the windows! Click on the photo to enlarge.

Then it was time to meet the big man himself...SANTA CLAUS! We don't do the whole mall Santa thing. I think those photos are a rip off. We love the feel of the old barn house where trees are decorated with working trains underneath them and cookies and hot cocoa are a plenty. Plus, you take your own photos and the line to see Santa is usually short. I was curious to see how Ryan would react to Santa this year. Last year, he didn't have much to say to him. This year....HE WAS A CHATTERBOX! haha. Santa asked him what his name was and Ryan told him and didn't stop talking for at least 2 minutes. He told Santa he wants a Handy Dandy (he says Handy 'andy) notebook. It was soooo cute!

Another year....another memory.


Whitney said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

You are such a fun mama! I don't know if I will do the whole cut the tree down thing, but it sounds so wonderful!

We went to Hawaii for our one year anniversary! We were on Kauai and spent a week there. It was fabulous, I want to go back all the time. Like right now, especially when there is now! EEK!

Jenni said...

Oh my gosh you look so beautiful in your fam picture. Seriously - you need to put more pics of yourself on here because I get so excited everytime you post one with you in it! LOL Your tree cutting excersion looked like a lot of fun but cold! Your tree looks perfect. You will have to post pics when it is all decorated.

I got your email too by the way but haven't had time to respond. I've been up at my parents' house all day helping my dad with his website. Just got is 8:30pm. Time to feed PReston and get him ready for bed. Will is playing basketball with the guys tonight. At least I get the computer hahahhaha.