Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bowling and our Snow Bunny

We went bowling for the first time on Saturday. I say "first time" because it seriously was the first time ever that Chris and I went bowling together! That means I haven't been in a bowling alley in over 8 years?! Speaking of places we haven't visited together, we have never been to an amusement park together either. Wait a second...the more I think about this...wow...there are so many amusement parks near us (Dorney Park, Knobels, Hershey Park, Sesame Place and Six Flags) and we've never been to one? We definitely need to have a practice run with one of these smaller parks before taking a trip down to Disney in a few years. I think Sesame Place will be a good start this summer. Now convincing Chris to go is another story!

So Saturday (12.13.08) after the kids had napped, we headed over to the local bowling alley (which is maybe a mile from our house) for some Glo' & Bowl Fun! We belong to our Community Association (CTCA) and participate in several of their events throughout the year. They mainly focus on family events so it's fun to attend or volunteer for them. As usual, we were late (due to naps and Kara's feeding schedule) so we missed Santa, but Santa must have known Ryan was going to be late because he left a huge goodie bag for him. We had LUCKY number 7 lane all to ourselves and after putting on our lovely "haven't changed the style in 50 years" bowling shoes, we searched for a ball for Ryan. I was sad to find that there weren't any balls less than 6 lbs, but he managed quite well for that weight. And just for the record, if I had realized that wearing white or any light color for that matter was going to result in a full blown GLOW, I would have dressed all of us in it! I guess maybe I should known from the title Glo' and Bowl, huh?

Look even our shoe threads GLOWED! Funny how Chris didn't even put his shoes on, he had some excuse about having to hold the baby so he couldn't bowl.

And who glowed the most? Check out Glo Baby!

Ryan insisted on carrying the ball to the line each time. Only dropped it once or twice...and not on our toes, so not bad!

Ryan couldn't get enough speed with the bowling ball to make it down the alley. There were bumpers up so he didn't have gutter balls but his ball would actually get stuck in the middle of the alley. Then I had to come to rescue and throw another ball down to hit his ball....this was fun for like the first two times and then it became such a pain until....

....a woman (who must bring her kids bowling all the time!) told us about a kiddie ramp Ryan could use. We quickly found one in a corner and I (because Chris was holding Kara!) dragged it back to our lane and set it up. It was PERFECT. The ramp caused the bowling ball to pick up speed thus making the ball roll faster down the alley. I truly do not remember having a ramp to use when I was a child...but again, I don't think I bowled much then either.

It turned out to be a lot of fun and I think we are going to take Ryan again some day....and Chris WILL wear those lovely bowling shoes and I WILL get a picture of him in them. :)

On Sunday, our sweet but cranky Kara turned 6 months old!

Here is our cute Snow Bunny....

wait for it....wait for it....she just might...

smile? or is she just being cranky again?
nah! She is happy and cute as a "bunny"!

Kara has her 6 month wellness visit on Friday. Look for an update then...


Jenni said...

You seriously have never gone bowling together? Ughhhhh okay....so bowling brings back awful memories for me. I swear, when I was single and dating, it was the most popular date I was taken on. Seems like every new guy I dated would take me bowling. "gee how original" I would always think. It got to the point where if I asked "So what are we doing?" and if they said "Bowling"...that was it. No 2nd chances. That guy was not for me. LOL

On a happier note, I LOVE Kara's cute cute CUTE hat! Soo sweet. :)

Anonymous said...

Fun! Bowling is so fun...most of the time! You guys should take a walk around the park with the kiddies! It's not too hard to do that lol!!! Are you guys thinking about going to Disney Land? Or Disney World? I refuse to go to Disney World because it's in FLORIDA, ugh, I am never going to FLorida. No offense to Florida people, but that state to me is sort of creepy. Ha, I've never been there! Okay, back to the topic, I've been to Disney Land, and it's a fun place, but it would be much mroe fun for Ryan when he's a little older because then he can have more fun =)

Have you guys had any snow? What's the weather like? It's been in the low 20's and we got 7 inches of snow on Sat-Sun and it's snowing right now! I'm ready for this to go away because having the horses here, it's too much work. The waterer system is frozen so that means I have to bring buckets out! Ahhh!

Anyways, I love all of the pics and I hope you and you fmaily have a fun, safe Christmas and a Happy new year ;)

The Schaeffer Family said...

And now for your gratuitous review of the day...Sesame Place is overrated. Thank you.

tara @ kidz said...

Never has bowling looked so fun! And that snow bunny outfit is sooooo cute!!!

I hope you have yourself a Merry little Christmas!

Thanks for supporting kidz,