Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy 100 and Halloween

Happy 100 post! Wow. This marks my 100th post since starting to blog in March '08. I think it's quite the accomplishment especially with having two little ones, my hubby and the house to take care of on a daily basis! I wanted to do something cool for my 100th post, like post 100 fun facts about The High Family BUT like I said, I have two adorable little ones, a wonderful husband and a disorganized house to take care of first! haha Maybe I will put that idea on my blog "to-do" list and surprise you all some other time.

In the is a recap of our Halloween 2008 with a little trip down memory lane first...

It wasn't until 2007 that I was introduced to this wonderful world of blogging. Our little man of the house (Ryan C.) was about to turn 2.5 when I started our first blog in March of this year. I feel like I must take trips down "memory lane" (what a clever title huh?! ;) ) to include his many firsts before becoming a big brother in June. I plan to take many trips in the future, I hope you enjoy them. So here is my "bubba" in his past Halloween costumes! He is such a cutie.

Ryan's 1st Halloween! (Oct. 2006)

RYAN the LION (I loved that it rhymed!)

Halloween 2007

RYAN the KANGAROO (we both loved this cute costume-- I found out I was pregnant with Kara 1 week after purchasing this cute costume. Isn't it ironic that he has a baby Joey in his pouch?!) Ryan's 1st pumpkin!

Now... Halloween 2008

Kara had many "looks" this Halloween. Grandma High got her a cute ghost onesie that she worn during the day. My mother (mom-mom Delp) got Kara her official costume that she wore on Halloween night. This afternooon, we went over to Mom-Mom Delp's work to visit and show off the kiddies costumes. I am glad I did this because I was able to get pictures taken of them as well. Below is Kara in her many Halloween looks.

BOO! I'm a ghost on Halloween night...if you get scared....turn off the light!
Kara doing her best impression of Frankenstein!! Isn't it great?!
Do you like my socks? My "mummy" does!

I thought she would hate being in it but she didn't complain...too much. :)

Due to our busy weekend, we had to run to Sam's Club to get what we needed foodwise for the parties. We got home just in time to walk down one street for trick or treating. Kara was cranky so I took Ryan by myself. HE LOVED IT! It was so much fun watching him get excited to run up to the doors, ring their door bells and yell TRICK OR TREAT! He kept telling me to hurry up..."let's go...more mommy more!" Guess I wasn't walking fast enough for him! It was a gorgeous night too. Nice cool autumn evening....not too cold. want to know what Ryan was Halloween?? you go. Introducing...

DOCTOR Ryan C. High


Jenni said...

It says you posted this 3 days ago, so I don't know why I am JUST now seeing it. Maybe you backblogged


Awwwwe little Kara in her ladybug costume was soooo adorable!! And the ghost onesie, my friend's little 7 week old was wearing the exact one (but it was a gown). Soo cute. And Ryan looks so cute and grownup in his doctor costume. Did YOU dress up????

the d'angelo family said...

Very cute Bobbi. I remember when Ryan came and visited me at Penske in his lion costume. And now, all grown up and a Dr. to boot! Your ladybug was lovely. As much as I hate bugs, I'd let her stay in my house as long as she wanted to!

Heather C Smith said...

I LOVE RYAN IN HIS KANGAROO COSTUME!!!!!!!!!!!! It's the cutest thing that I've seen in my whole life!!!!!!!!!! Little Kara is so cute toO!

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