Monday, November 10, 2008

the best birthday gift ever...

I haven't been feeling too peachy lately. I know I said I thought I had a sinus infection on my birthday post but I don't think that is it. AND NO I AM NOT PREGNANT! (had to clear that up before the calls start coming in! ha)

I just feel run down and at times I have an annoying sinus pressure around my eyes and at the bridge of my nose. I hope it passes is hard to take care of two little ones when all you want to do is stay in bed all day.

Last Thursday (my birthday), I felt very crappy but I wanted to have a fun day with the kiddies so I decided to dress them up in their "big bro and baby sis" shirts and do a photo shoot. Ryan is obsessed (I mean seriously obsessed...I have many posts about this coming in the future) with cameras lately. It was fun acting goofy and playing with them. It made me not think of the aches and pains for a little while...

I thought Ryan and Kara sleeping in past 9 am was the best gift but they went a step further and were complete angels for me! They both napped and Ryan not only was on his best behavior but he also helped with things around the house. It was as if they knew that it was Mommy's special day and she needed extra love because of being sick too. At the end of the day, my wonderful hubby came through the door with bouquets of flowers that he later made into one beautiful arrangement. He cooked a yummy dinner and had stopped at Blockbuster and rented Made of Honor (a very cute movie!)....he then told me to go upstairs and relax. About an hour later he came up with kids and they all gave me cards. I have to say, Chris is getting really good at picking out cards!! As I hugged them all tight and cried "happy" tears, I realized something...the best birthday gift ever is MY FAMILY. This gift just keeps on giving and giving and giving. How lucky am I to have such a loving husband and two beautiful kids! I don't need anything else in life...just the love of my family.

Not only do I have the love of my family but also my friends. I can't tell you how many emails, calls and comments on the blog I received from everyone. I felt so much love that day. Thank you to each and every one of you!

So here are some photos from my fun day at home with the kids....

Mr. Ryan
(aka the Ham)

Miss Kara
(aka the Peacock)

Big Brother with Baby Sister
(such a cute pose!!)

and then he didn't want to hold her anymore....*sigh*

We can't get through a photo shoot WITHOUT Mr. Ryan saying "my turn mommy...please!!!" So I allowed him to take a few's one of Kara and me-
WARNING...this is a picture of a 'still her pj's, sick, no shower, and no make up MOM'...please excuse my appearance!

I may not look my best but Ryan did a good job taking the picture. :)

and just for FUN...
I call this one...THIS IS MY LIFE. enjoy.



Cupcake Dreamer said...

Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well. I hope you start getting better.. I absolutely loved the pictures of you and your kids!

Kara really has a lot of hair. I used to think Kailey did, but I'm starting to think she really doesn't. She has a little extra in the back of her head, but nothing near having enough to style with an accessory. I'm jealous for sure.

Jenni said...

this was such a sweet post and a good reminder that the best things we have are our families. I looooved the pictures too! That darling little kara is such a sweetiepie!! Cute tshirts too.

Lori-ann said...

Bobbi - your family is SO cute! And I've thought this before, but these pictures REALLY show how much Ryan looks like you. Oh my gosh he does! This is a sweet blog. A wonderful family really IS the greatest blessing ever!

Heather C Smith said...

Awe what sweet pictures!!! I'm sorry that you weren't feeling good on your birthday!!! Do you have allergies?? I am allergic to grass, dust, pollen, ANIMALS!!! Hense I have TWELVE!!! and many others. Maybe there's something in the air that causing your sinus to not work...

Ryan should be a photographer!! That's what I want to do when I grow up!!