Thursday, October 23, 2008

Rocket Man

Mommy had a night out on Wednesday, October 15th.
Can you guess what she did?

Here are a few clues....

(yes there were A LOT of middle age people there--I felt like such a youngin')

If you said, "went to see ELTON JOHN in concert!"...then you are correct!

Our seats were on ground level. Which is cool because you feel like you are near the stage but also not cool because when people stand (which they do a lot during concerts), you can't see a darn thing behind all those tall men! We spent most of the time looking at the screen to see the ROCKET MAN play!

and boy can he play!
(do you see him on the left?)

What an entertainer! I've never been to a concert where the performer played over 30+ songs and didn't take breaks. We actually left (what we thought was) a little early (had to get back home to our kiddies) and found out that he played another 45 minutes after we left?! I never thought I would get to see him in concert. It was amazing!

This concert was his GREATEST HITS tour. I can't believe how many songs I actually knew (word for word!). So who do I have to thank for my night out at an awesome concert in the sweetest place on earth ~ HERSHEY, PA? Well none other than the BEST SISTER on earth ~


(ok not the best picture of us but we were only able to take one because my flash nearly blinded the people behind us...ooops!)

and I also have to thank her hubby Zach too because he wasn't able to go last minute so my wonderful and beautiful sister asked me to be her date! Aren't I lucky?! Thanks Tara and Zach! It was so much fun- I LOVED IT!

I was able to not only sneak these few shots but also some video. I created a montage for everyone's (especially my in-laws) enjoyment. I know you are ALL so jealous, aren't ya?! My little camera does NOT do this concert justice, you had to be there to experience it in person...but I am happy to give you just a snippet of what we got to hear that night.

So without further he is...Sir Elton John!

PS- oh...there's a surprise performance at the end from a little boy who could very well be the next Elton John...hmmm who could that be?

PPS-and if you don't see my blog up after this post, then the blogger police have it...don't know if it's illegal to post this video or not...I'm such a rebel! heehee

Did I just catch you singing? ;0)


Anonymous said...

Hey!! It sounds like you had a fun time!!!! without me lol! did you take those pics? wait it think you said you did, they turned out pretty good! lol! blog police!! you crack me up! well, your blog is still here so i think you're fine. lucky you got to go to a concert!!! i'm waiting to go to a 'real' concert.......someday! i've been the the phantom and sound of music and nutcracker, my net stop is to see a live concert! i am so jealous of you!

Anonymous said...

ha ha i just watched the video, very cool! ryan is so cute! it's funny how he was sitting lol! cute little boy

Jenni said...

Awwwwe you had so much fun!!! And love the picture of you and your sister. Okay so I didn't get to watch the video yet but that is because it is 3am and Preston is asleep in the same I will come back and watch it tomorrow. :)