Saturday, September 27, 2008

4 & 0...WAY TO GO!

I sounded like a HS cheerleader with the title huh? (I wasn't one in HS...I was one of the band geeks sitting in the stands waiting for half time to roll around so we could strut our stuff on the field! Did I make fun of those football cheerleaders? yep! but deep down inside (as I would whisper/laugh with my fellow band geeks at the girls that made mistakes during their cheers), I secretly wanted to be one...shhhh- that's our little secret.)

4 & 0...WAY TO GO! The PSU football team is on fire! Last Saturday, they beat Temple on our home turf with a fourth blow-out of 45-3! Holy-Crap-O-La! Now, I must say, Temple is on our schedule every year and we always beat them because they are not as "strong" as our team (even when we have a less than stellar team)...there is just no comparison. I kinda feel bad for the Owls because I went to a small PSU campus near Temple University in Philly, so I feel a little connection to them for some odd reason? I know, I know...silly...

Tonight our Nittany Lions will face Illinois at State College and we will be watching at home (uncle mike got all the tickets- lucky!) on tv starting at 8pm. Hope they make it should be a good game. This season is starting out on a great note!


the d'angelo family said...

Blue & White...Blue & White!!!

Ok, so secretly I wanted to be a cheerleader too (wait, was I the band geek you were whispering to?)...and technically that cheer above was an Exeter cheer, but with Penn State being the #1 favorite college team in the D'Angelo household, we'll be cheering them on as well!! Who needs ESPN when you get "The High F-Ball Report"!

Heather Smith said...

Cheer leading...hmmm. I like cheering on sports teams! Wow, penn state is doing awesome! LOL! Christ is right, who needs espn when you get "The High F-Ball Report) Too funny!