Friday, August 8, 2008


8 is my lucky number! I can still remember learning to write it as a kindergartner and I loved practicing the curves and swoops. Even today it's a fun number to write! :)

So to celebrate I've decided to do 8 posts on 8.8.08! Kinda crazy idea but fun!

Happy August 8, 2008- we will never see this combo again!

(A big THANK YOU to my wonderful husband for taking the kids every other hour to allow me to create this unique and fun post! I love you, honey!)

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the d'angelo family said...

How cool - 8 posts on the 8th! I loved every one of them! Thanks for all your comments too on my blog! You had a busy morning...please tell me that wasn't ALL one hand typing? If so...I so owe you an award or something! It was GREAT seeing you the other day and FINALLY meeting Kara!