Friday, June 13, 2008

Labor Funny

Well there is nothing "funny" about labor but this cartoon was too cute and oh so true! BTW- I did not do this to my wonderful husband when I was induced with Ryan, I might have tried to strangle him after my epidural wore off after only 4 hours of relief but I don't recall doing anything harmful to him?! I am such a wimp when it comes to pain. I was begging for drugs the entire 33 hours! Ok, maybe begging half that time but being in labor for that long is no fun task!

We are about to hit my 39th week of pregnancy this weekend. This means we only have 1 more week before the "DD" (due date). Unfortunately, I do not have any updates on the baby. Our last ultrasound was quick and uneventful (that technician needs a lesson on bedside manner!), we didn't even get a picture! and my 38 week appt. today was also quick and I did not have an exam. So we don't know if my pregnancy has progressed more than 1 cm or not. As the end draws near, I can't help but relive my first labor story over and over in mind. It was such a traumatic but also beautiful experience. I was sad to have almost everything that could have gone wrong, go wrong, but in the end we had the most beautiful little boy in our arms. Hopefully soon "any day now" we will have our beautiful daughter in our arms and I will have all the yucky pregnancy/labor pains behind me!

Dear Kara,

It has been a long and at times very emotional pregnancy. We had several complications that caused a lot of worries, but we survived! Soon you will entering into our lives, creating a family of four. Even with your active kicks and bumps, I feel blessed to have carried and nurtured you for 9 months. I am very excited (as is your daddy, your big brother Ryan and all our family/friends) to meet you. We can't wait to see what or who you will look like- will you have blond hair and blue eyes like your brother? Will you have your Daddy's bottom lip pout or Mommy's teardrop eyes? We just know you will be beautiful!

Mommy and Daddy are looking forward to all the wonderful little girl things you will bring into our lives, getting to know your personality and watching you grow into a beautiful young lady some day. Your big brother Ryan is getting anxious for you to come out and play. He will teach you so many things!

So as we all patiently wait for that blessed day to arrive (your birthday!), please know that you are VERY much loved. Please come soon so we can show you the world and hold you in our arms!


PS- I know you are probably waiting for Daddy to finish up his projects before you make your grand arrival but Mommy is really starting to get very uncomfortable and the summer heat is not when you are ready, give me a sign! xoxo


john, christy & anthony d said...

Kara must have been listening to Mommy when she wrote this letter on Friday night and couldn't wait! I can't believe she's here already! What a great early suprise and quite the entrance she made on Saturday...just like a little girl to do things on her own terms! I guess she's an actress already...calling all the shots in her movie scene arrival! Congratulations Bobbi! Can't wait to read your post of her birth story...I'm still chuckling at how everything went down!

Margie G. said...

You had the baby!? You beat me....I am soooo jealous ;-) I am still waiting, uuhhh.

Jenni Thomas said...

Hey I just read your comment on my blog - congratulations!! Wow you had a super fast labor then! I'll be excited to read more about it and can't wait to see pictures! Again, congratulations. How are you feeling?

TheMacMommy said...

I really need to write a letter to Keagan. I just can never do it without crying my eyes out to the point I can't see to type!!