Sunday, June 29, 2008

Happy belated Father's Day

Ryan's gift he made at school for Daddy

Due to Kara's early arrival, we were in the hospital for Father's Day this year. Kara's birth was a great Father's Day gift for Chris! We finally got a chance to 'celebrate' Father's Day on Sunday, June 22nd. I got up early with the kids and let Chris sleep in (he usually gets up with Ryan). Ryan and I made Daddy some waffles for breakfast. Around 9am (that's sleeping in these days!), we surprised Daddy with breakfast in bed and his gifts. He was completely surprised and well rested after many sleepless nights.

This year, I decided to create frames for Chris to hang in his office. He just has to put his favorite picture of Kara and Ryan in them. Below are pictures of Chris with the kids and his gifts. I also included a picture of Chris doing story time with the kids as well. I have the best husband and our children have the best Daddy!
Happy Father's Day, honey! I love you to the moon and back! :)

Daddy, Kara & Ryan
(Ryan was too consumed with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to look at me)
Daddy & Kara

Ryan (camera shy)

Frames: Daddy's Bubba (Ryan's nickname) & Daddy's Girl
Storytime with Daddy

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Jenni Thomas said...

Hey there....I'm so sorry you had such a rough night. It sounds like mine last night. Ughhhhhh he was awake from 3am - 8am and I was the one up taking care of him for most of it. Finally my husband took him for a little while this morning but he had to go to work, so that was shortlived. I know what you mean though...I was crying too. Its so hard when you are already sleep deprived and then nights like that where you are like SUPER sleep deprived. Its hard to function.

I hope you get some rest and are able to recover. I finally just got Preston down for a nap so I think I'm going to go take a snooze as well.