Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!

Today we honor all our service men and women for their couragious duty in serving our county. So many have died over the years fighting for the Freedom that is America. I served 8 years in the Army Reserves and this day will always have a special meaning in my heart. I was lucky to have avoided serving in a war, but my cousin, Jess did serve a year in Iraq. Thank God she came back unharmed. God Bless all the families of service men/women who have lost their lives serving our great country! We salute you!

Memorial Day is also a fun filled day with Bobbi's family. Every year (tradition!) we attend a picnic held at Nanie & Pop-Pop Delp's house. This year was especially nice because the weather couldn't have been more perfect! In years past, Memorial Day is either too wet or too cold! It is always nice to get together with family that you don't get to see much during the rest of the year. Ryan especially loved playing with all his cousins! Another tradition I've started is taking a picture of all the kiddies. It is neat to see how much they've grown each year! This year we also got all my sisters and brother together with our dad for a picture too. My parents are the proud grandparents of (soon-to-be) 11 grandkids! William is 10, son of Billi-Jo...Andres is 10, step-son of Rich...Madison is 8, daughter of Tara...Ian is 7, son of Bambi-Jo...Autumn is 6, daughter of Bambi-Jo...Billy is 6, son of Tara...Ethan is 4, son of Bambi-Jo...Joey is 3, son of Rich...Ryan is 2, son of Bobbi-Jo...Owen is 5 months old, son of Bambi-Jo...and baby Kara will join the family soon!
Enjoy the pics and I hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing holiday weekend! :)
2007 Memorial Picnic
(top- Madison, William, Andres)
(middle- Billy, Ian, Autumn)
(bottom- Ryan, Ethan, Joey)

2008 Memorial Day

(top- William, Madison, Ian, Billy)

(bottom- Autumn, Ethan, Joey, Ryan, baby Owen)

Dad with his kids!

(Bambi-Jo, me, Dad, Tara, Billi-Jo, Rich)


john, christy & anthony d said...

Bobbi - what a fun time it looks like you guys had! Great idea taking the pictures every cute to look back on them and see how much everyone has changed! Glad you had a great day!

The High Family said...

It was a nice day. Did you check out the kids photo from this year? Doesn't everyone look thrilled to get their picture taken?? ha! Also, Joey refused to look up the entire time because he wanted to play and not stand in line. Little boys can be soooo stubborn! I can't believe how big they all get each year! My parents are also very excited to finally have another girl after all these boys!!!